myLibro Curbside

Let myLIBRO assist your patrons with library curbside pick up.

Keep the safety of your community and library staff a priority. myLIBRO curbside pick up allows patrons to select materials from their mobile device while providing library staff a convenient method for completing the delivery.

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Here’s how it works: 

  • Patrons simply download the myLIBRO application to search materials from their local library
  • Once materials are selected, the user confirms their order and schedules an available time for pick up 
  • The library then receives a notification through an organized dashboard that tracks the order from receipt to collection and fulfillment
  • At the selected pick up time, the patron alerts the librarian of their arrival through the app, at which time the materials are delivered following the library’s policies

Features to keep your community engaged and active

Voice and Chat Enabled – myLIBRO is the only solution in the market that is equipped with  conversational interaction capabilities to enhance user experience beyond swipe and click. myLIBRO is VPAT-certified, and its full-voice capability helps meet ADA Compliance Standards.

Manages Call-In Orders – Should patrons prefer to call in orders, myLIBRO’s dashboard allows libraries to log orders ad-hoc and track fulfilment progress. 

ILS Integration – myLIBRO seamlessly integrates across ILS systems, allowing patrons to search for materials from shared catalogues across library networks.  

Full-Service Cabilities – myLIBRO allow patrons to schedule additional services as needed (passport scheduling, library ID ordering, printing services, etc.).

Pickup & Delivery Options – Libraries can provide different delivery options based on their unique requirements and hours of operations. Libraries identify a specific location and set parameters related to the handoff of the order like the trunk of a patron’s vehicle. 

Control Order Capacity Based On Bandwidth – Libraries can select the number of orders allowed in a certain timeframe, ensuring orders are manageable based on staffing. 

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